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Virginie Ledoyen was born, November 15th, 1976 in Aubervilliers, France, the daughter of Bernard, a salesman and Olga, a retaurant manager. Her grandparents are Spanish and it has been suggested that this is where she inherited her unusual eyes. Virginie's parents are divorced and her mother remarried. Virginie has a brother, Michel.

Her Career

Virginie's modeling began at the age of two. This led eventually to her first film, an Italian comedy at the age of nine. It was at this time that she also enrolled in a performing arts school. By the age of eleven, Virginie had also acted in the theatre.

At 15, Virginie realized that acting would be something that she would like to pursue as a full time occupation. In 1994 when she was 17, she appeared in a movie called Cold Water where she played a troubled teen. This proved to be her big break and led to bigger things, including a 1995 film known as Single Girl which received critical acclaim.

Following thisl, Virginie received calls from Hollywood including Woody Allen's agent. At this point she not yet been involved in an American production. This changed with the release of The Beach in February 2000.

She took the stage name Ledoyen, which is her paternal grandmother's maiden name. Her grandmother had been a stage actress.

Her brother, Michael, is a production assistant.

Her first on-screen kiss was with the much older actor Marcello Mastroianni.

Graduated from Paris' L'Ecole des Enfants du Spectacle

Nominated for Most Promising Young Actress at the 1996 César Awards for her role in Benoît Jacquot's A Single Girl. Virginie was also nominated for Best Actress at the Paris Film Festival for the film Jeanne et le Garçon Formidable.

She has just signed on as a L'Oreal model.



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